Finding Solutions for Industry Solid Waste Needs

Wallace Brooks has worked with solid waste recycling since 1995, specializing in plastics. After beginning Materials Reuse in 1998, he
has recycled over 50,000,000 pounds of plastic, paper and metal, both domestically and internationally. Materials Reuse recycles for heavy industry, cities, government entities and the high tech community.
Wallace  has served as a board member of the Northern California
Recycling Association (NCRA).

Materials Reuse recycling is located in Oakland specializing in plastic
and paper recycling.

About Materials Reuse Recycling

Materials Reuse recycles industrial waste so that materials can be
used more efficiently by directly lowering energy use, pollution and costs. As a result, recycled materials are kept in the economy and out of the landfill.

When a plastic manufacturer needed help with the rising disposal costs of solid waste in a California facility, Materials Reuse was able to recycle its contaminated plastic film and poly-coated paper. Recycling both lowered the operating costs for this facility and generated new revenue for the company.

For years a plastic packaging company generated plastic co-polymer film scrap as part of their daily operations. They threw it away. This filled one compactor per day, seven days a week, at a cost of $750 per day. Materials Reuse was able to help this company to substantially lower its disposal costs by recycling this material.

We recycle:

plastic film



hard plastic 1-7





vegetable oil

grape pomace

food waste

super sacks



We are always looking for new and different materials to recycle.